Educational Objectives


The department is committed to the cultivation of students 'academic theory and industrial practice experience, and strives to build students' knowledge and environment required for future workplace tasks.

Three Challenges to the Global Environment



international business
Today’s industrial environment faces high competition from internationalization and globalization. Whether it is the traditional manufacturing industry, or the emerging service industry and high-tech industry, it directly faces the challenges of global enterprises in terms of products, processes and services. In this environment, in addition to setting up factories in the country, the company is also investing and learning the management capabilities of benchmarking companies overseas to improve its international competitiveness. Therefore, companies need to have relevant management talents with an international perspective to promote their international management. That’s it.


Information Technology
The rapid development of information technology and network technology has led to major changes in business operations. In the past, most paperwork at companies was based on paperwork. However, with the rapid development of information technology, enterprises have gradually introduced information technology processes and operating structures to improve their data warehouses, information transfer, and knowledge circulation. Successful completion of various management tasks (such as business decisions), so the company urgently needs talents with considerable information technology processing and analysis capabilities to facilitate corporate decision making.


Creative Thinking
Modern consumers have become more aware of buying, and they all want to buy new products that are different. The outstanding competitiveness of successful companies depends on innovative activities that meet customer needs, such as production technology innovation, product innovation and service innovation. With innovative thinking, use scientific and pragmatic procedures to improve overall efficiency and customer satisfaction, and then manage, develop and design innovative content to create new product and service value to effectively meet market demand and enhance corporate competitiveness. Talents with business innovation management are needed to facilitate differentiated management of enterprise innovation.


How to deal with the above three challenges of the overall environment under globalization and create overall competitive advantages for students is the top priority of our sustainable management. In order to cope with the drastic changes in the overall environment and achieve the educational goals of schools and colleges; and considering the geographical location of the school in the country, the department combines the development goals of schools and colleges with the resource conditions, and the positioning of the development department and research institute is For small and medium-sized enterprises (especially local enterprises) to cultivate industries in the field of energy large high-screen, its international vision, information and innovation 3I, and professional management personnel with humanities and workplace ethics.

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