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Development Goals

Considering the dramatic changes in the overall environment, in order for students to apply what they have learned, the department tries to develop students’ core competencies (Leadership ACE) through the four core domain knowledge course curriculum, with the aim of examining whether students have a good command of theory and practice and to achieve the department’s 3I (innovation, information, international vision).

The four core domain knowledge planned by the department are:
  1. Professional knowledge: Implementing courses in four major professional majors such as Marketing Services, Business Information, Human Resources and General Management, and Finance and Banking
  2. Market knowledge: Courses on special topics in industry practices, case studies, corporate visits, CEO forums, etc., so that students can have a deeper understanding of the industry market
  3. Cognitive knowledge: The department uses the CEO forum, general education curriculum, corporate ethics curriculum, the department’s operation of student organizations, and its encouragement of students’ participation in activities sponsored by those student organizations in multiple ways to assist students in the development of cognitive areas.
  4. Practical knowledge: Courses are used to implement industry-academia cooperation, license courses, and internships.