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Core Competencies

The department’s overall curriculum development strategy under the four core domain knowledge is expected to help students develop five important core competencies to respond to changes in future industry trends.

Undergraduates’ Core Competencies
  1.  Independent thinking ability: correct values and independent thinking skills.
  2.  Professional ability: the ability to plan, execute, and control an enterprise’s human resources, marketing, finance, production, and information.
  3.  International vision: basic foreign language proficiency and international outlook.
  4.  Information processing: the ability to collect, organize, analyze, evaluate, and apply data.
  5.  Cooperative ability: the ability to work in a team; mutual respect and understanding, and communication skills.
Master’s Students’ Core Competencies
  1.  Research ability: the ability to carry out independent research, problem solving, and creative thinking.
  2. Professional ability: strategic planning, integration, and leadership of corporate human resources, marketing, finance, production, information, and other functions.
  3. International vision: business communication and negotiation skills and international outlook.
  4.  Information management capabilities: the ability to develop information analysis, diagnosis, interpretation, and to formulate action plans.
  5. Integration ability: leadership, resource integration, strategic planning, and innovative management ability.
Master’s In-service Students’ Core Competencies
  1.  Innovative ability: the ability to carry out enterprise diagnosis, innovative thinking, and problem solving.
  2.  Professional ability: the ability to coordinate and integrate the enterprise functional department and teamwork to achieve comprehensive management.
  3.  International vision: international business management abilities.
  4.  Knowledge management ability: the ability to reform, restructure, and reengineer the company.
  5.  Leadership: risk management ability.