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Educational Objective

Since its founding in 1994, the department has been dedicated to cultivating students’ academic theory and practical experience. To this end, the department strives to equip students with the knowledge and environment needed for students to work in the future. However, the modern management environment has faced the following three challenges in recent years:

1. Intense international business competition
Today's industrial environment faces high competition due to internationalization and globalization. Traditional manufacturing industries, emerging service industries, and high-tech industries all directly face challenges from global enterprises in terms of products, processes, and services. Under such circumstances, companies scramble to invest overseas and learn management capabilities from benchmarking enterprises to enhance their international competitiveness in addition to setting up factories in the country. Therefore, it is imperative for enterprises to recruit and retain management talent with an international outlook to carry out international management that is beneficial to enterprises.
2. The impact of information technology (IT) advancement
Rapid changes in IT and network technology have led to major changes in business operations. In the past, a corporation’s documents and archives were mainly hard copies. However, under the rapid development of IT, enterprises have gradually introduced IT processes and operational structures to enhance information storage, information transfer, knowledge circulation, and even managerial decision-making and other managerial tasks. This explains why enterprises need to have talent capable in information processing, analysis, and applications to carry out decision-making for the enterprise.
3. Introduction of innovative thinking concepts
Modern consumers have increased their purchasing awareness and they all want to buy distinctive and novel products. The remarkable competitiveness of a successful company is dependent on innovation activities intended to meet customer needs, such as production technology innovation, product innovation, and service innovation. Ideally, enterprises are able to use innovative thinking and scientific and pragmatic programming to enhance overall efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and further manage, develop, and design innovative content to create new product and service value in an effort to effectively meet market demand and to enhance enterprise competitiveness. As a result, the internal operation of an enterprise needs to have talent with innovative business management techniques to facilitate the management of enterprise innovation and differentiation.
Consequently, how to cope with the abovementioned three challenges under the backdrop of globalization and ensure the overall competitive advantage of students is the top priority for sustainable development of our department. In order to address the dramatic changes in the overall environment and meet the educational objectives of the college and its various schools in consideration of the geographical location of the college in Taiwan, the department combines the development goals of the college and its schools with the resource conditions in which it is located. Our department will be committed to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), particularly the real estate industry in Kaohsiung and Pingtung, developing our international visions of development and transformation, information and innovation (3I), etc. We will also cultivate professional business management talent that are equipped with humanistic qualities and workplace ethics. The educational objectives of the school, colleges, and departments are summarized as shown in the table below.