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Department History

The department was established in 1994. It was originally named the Department of Enterprise Management and Technology. It was a two-year daytime program and was later renamed as the Department of Enterprise Management in 1987. Afterwards, in 2000, the department started to provide a four-year daytime program. In 2001, it added a master’s program. In 2002, it added an in-service master’s program. Due to the integration of the policy-related departments, it was renamed as the Department of Business Management in 2006, but it was once again renamed the Department of Enterprise Management in 2007. In line with the school’s international teaching policy, an in-service overseas program was opened in Taiyuan University in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2012. The history of the department is shown in Figure 1. In addition, the previous department heads are listed in Table 1.

Philosophy of the Department 
The department aims to comply with national education goals, changes in economic situation, industrial and commercial enterprise development, and the medium and long-term development plans of the school. Coherent curriculum planning provided by the department enables students to perfect their professional training and to be prepared to become professional talent with professional ethics and a spirit of service. Regardless of human resources, marketing, finance, production, information, and other fields in the industry, students will become competent in planning, execution, control, and other management tasks with excellent and outstanding performance.
In order to respond more effectively to the rapid industrial changes in Taiwan and the world, the department expects that the graduates from this department will become professional managers in the era of the knowledge economy and hopes to cultivate modern enterprise management talent that meet the needs of the industry.